Franka Potente - Filmography - The Princess and the Warriror (2000)

Director:Tom Tykwer
Genre:Drama / Romance
Release:Jun 22, 2001 (USA)
Runtime:135 min


This drama examines young people living on the edges of the law. Sissi (Franka Potente) is an attractive but withdrawn woman who lives a sheltered life as a nurse in a psychiatric clinic. Bodo (Benno Furmann) is looking to make some quick money after his recent release from the army. Bodo robs a gas station and is fleeing on foot when he accidentally causes Sissi to be hit by a truck. Realizing she's seriously injured, Bodo comes to Sissi's rescue and performs an emergency tracheotomy on her before he disappears.

Sissi realizes the stranger who saved her may be the love of her life and longs to meet the mysterious Bodo again, and eventually tracks him down to a hideout he shares with his brother Walter (Joachim Krol). But he is not what appears. Bodo is an emotionally damaged ex-soldier who wants nothing to do with her.

Bodo and Walter angrily send Sissi away, but she unexpectedly encounters them when they pull a robbery at a bank where she's running an errand. Bodo and Walter are caught in a shootout with police, and Sissi helps to spirit Bodo away to the clinic where she works, trying to spare him the grim news that Walter was killed.


Franka Potente - Simone 'Sissi' Schmidt
Benno Fürman - Bodo Riemer
Joachim Król - Walter Riemer
Lars Rudolph - Steini
Melchior Beslon - Otto
Ludger Pistor - Werner Dürr
Christa Fast - Sigrun Molke
Susanne Bredehöft - Zewil
Gottfried Breitfuss - Paul
Steffen Schult - Bruno
Rolf Dennemann - Dieter
Ali Nejat-Nouei - Ali
Sybille J. Schedwill - Schwester Maria Blum
Peter Ender - Dr. Thomas Kupfer
Friederike Frerichs - Schwester Corinna