Franka Potente - Filmography - Anatomy (2000)

Director:Stefan Ruzowitzky
Genre:Horror / Thriller
Runtime:103 min


A determined medical student uncovers shady goings on during a prestigious summer anatomy course. When Paula Henning (Franka Potente) learns that she's been accepted to a highly competitive internship at a Heidelberg research institution, she's ecstatic. The daughter of a simple family doctor, she prefers to model herself after her terminally ill grandfather, who was once dean of the same Heidelberg university. Stern lecturer Prof. Grombek (Traugott Buhre) promises that half the students won't be around when the course ends; his prediction turns out to be true, but it's not because of the brutal exams. It seems that a group of renegade doctors is performing dissections on unwilling, still-living victims.

Paula stumbles onto this plot when a recent acquaintance turns up on her dissection table. Paula investigates his death with scientific determination. Just as Paula is preparing to expose the existence of the Anti-Hippocratic Society, a Nazi-affiliated group of medical malcontents, Gretchen falls prey to their extreme methods. Soon Paula, too, is in danger of becoming just another addition to the display case.


Franka Potente - Paula Henning
Benno Fürmann - Hein
Anna Loos - Gretchen
Sebastian Blomberg - Caspar
Holger Speckhahn - Phil
Traugott Buhre - Prof. Grombek
Oliver Wnuk - Ludwig (as Oliver K. Wnuk)
Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey - David
Andreas Günther - Franz
Antonia Cäcilia Holfelder - Gabi
Rüdiger Vogler - Dr. Henning
Barbara M. Ahren - Frau Henning (as Barbara-Magdalena Ahren)
Werner Dissel - Paulas Großvater
Gennadi Vengerov - Präparator
Thomas Meinhardt - Professor in München
Simon Schwarz - Junger Mann
Alexander Liegl - Helfer
Martin Pölcher - Helfer
Christoph Hagen Dittmann - Bernie
Berrin Alganer-Lenz - Putzfrau
Angelika Sedlmeier - Frau Freisinger
Ulrich Matschoss - Femerichter
Gerald Alexander Held - Polizist
Karl Fridrich - Kriminalbeamter
Susanne Gräbe - Kellnerin Heidelberg
Johannes Nikolussi - Junkie (as Johann Nikolussi)
Anna Brüggemann - Junkie-Mädchen
Axel Weusten - Alexander
Gabriel Bassale - Kursteilnehmer
Ralf Dietl - Kursteilnehmer
Oliver Engl - Kursteilnehmer
Uche Ishionwu - Kursteilnehmer
Michael Jank - Kursteilnehmer
Thomas Neumann - Kursteilnehmer
Armin Schlicht - Kursteilnehmer
Christoph Schmeiduch - Kursteilnehmer
Patrick Schmidt - Kursteilnehmer
Nico Schütz - Kursteilnehmer
Thijs van der Zee - Kursteilnehmer
Michael Wölfl - Kursteilnehmer
Jakob Claussen - Man in Train calling for a Doctor
Dieter Potente - Man in hospital talking to a Doctor
Hildegard Potente - Woman in hospital talking to a Doctor
Sabrina Setlur - Studentin in München