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A cookie [] is a piece of information, usually a small text file, that is generated by a web server and saved on your device. A primary objective of cookies is to improve your user experience while surfing the web, to help websites make your next visit easier, for instance by storing your user preferences such as your country, language or contact details.

Our own Cookies

This site use 2 cookies to store visitor preferences on... well, on cookies:
- i_want_cookies, store if a visitor accepts cookies. [Delete this Cookie]
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Advertising Cookies

DoubleClick (Google Adsense)

Google uses cookies to personalize the ads appearing in this site. DoubleClick is an ad serving service operated by Google Ireland Limited (“Google Ireland”). Google Ireland uses cookies in order to facilitate to show relevant and interesting ads to you. When you interact with our Platform your browser automatically makes information available to Google Ireland on our behalf, including your IP-address. This information as well as information automatically collected by Google will solely be used to create pseudonym user profiles. These enable Google to display more appealing advertising to the visitors of this site. You can find more information on DoubleClick cookies here.

To opt-out of personalized ad delivery on the Google content network, please visit Google’s Ads Preferences Manager or if you wish to opt-out permanently even when all cookies are deleted from your browser you can install their plugin here.

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