Franka Potente - Filmography - Storytelling (2001)

Director:Todd Solondz
Genre:Comedy / Drama
Release:Jan 25, 2002 (USA)
Runtime:87 min


Comprised of two separate stories. The first is a 26-minute segment entitled "Fiction," which highlights the life of Marcus (Leo Fitzpatrick), an aspiring writer who was born with deformities due to cerebral palsy. He unsuccessfully tries to read a new short story to his girlfriend Vi (Selma Blair), and leaves her after the story is similarly dismissed by his fellow students and teacher, Mr. Scott (Robert Wisdom), a black Pulitzer Prize winner. Vi approaches Mr. Scott in a bar one night and agrees to go home with him, recalling a "fictional" account of their experience in the next class.

The second segment, titled "Nonfiction," follows Toby Oxman (Paul Giamatti), a thirtysomething sad sack who gets the idea to make a documentary of contemporary suburban teenage life. Looking for subjects, he runs into Scooby (Mark Webber), a disaffected, dim young man who dreams of being a TV star. Scooby's home life is highly dysfunctional, with a strict father (John Goodman), a prim and proper mother (Julie Hagerty), a football player brother (Noah Fleiss), and a younger brother Mikey (Jonathan Osser), who continually chats up the family's put-upon maid Consuelo (Lupe Ontiveros). Consuelo is soon banished from the household due to her involvement with Mikey, becoming an outcast just like Scooby.


Selma Blair - Vi ('Fiction')
Leo Fitzpatrick - Marcus ('Fiction')
Robert Wisdom - Mr. Scott ('Fiction')
Maria Thayer - Amy ('Fiction')
Angela Goethals - Elli ('Fiction')
Devorah Rose - Lucy ('Fiction')
Nancy Anne Ridder - Joyce ('Fiction')
Steven Rosen - Ethan ('Fiction')
Aleksa Palladino - Catherine ('Fiction')
Mary Lynn Rajskub - Melinda ('Fiction')
Tina Holmes - Sue ('Fiction')
Paul Giamatti - Toby Oxman ('Non-fiction')
Mike Schank - Mike the Cameraman ('Non-fiction')
Xander Berkeley - Mr. DeMarco ('Non-fiction')
Mark Webber - Scooby Livingston ('Non-fiction')
John Goodman - Marty Livingston ('Non-fiction')
Julie Hagerty - Fern Livingston ('Non-fiction')
Jonathan Osser - Mikey Livingston ('Non-fiction')
Noah Fleiss - Brady Livingston ('Non-fiction')
Lupe Ontiveros - Consuelo ('Non-fiction')
Jessica Dunphy - Cheryl ('Non-fiction')
Nick Maltes - Esposito ('Non-fiction')
Steve Railsback - Mr. Kirk ('Non-fiction')
Crista Moore - Elizabeth St. Clair ('Non-fiction')
Franka Potente - Toby's Editor ('Non-fiction')
Andrew Marantz - Stanley ('Non-fiction')
Conan O'Brien - Himself ('Non-fiction')
Frederick Owens - Football Coach ('Non-fiction')
Barry Jordan - Himself ('Non-fiction') (as Dr. Barry Jordan)
Robin Goodman - Herself ('Non-fiction') (as Dr. Robin Goodman)
Eric Nieves - Dave ('Non-fiction')
Marisa Redanty - Onlooker #1 ('Non-fiction')
Ilana Levine - Onlooker #2 ('Non-fiction')
Pat Kiernan - TV News Announcer (voice)
Tom Schimmels - Man in Toby's Apartment (segment "Non-fiction")
James T. Williams II - Football Player

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