Franka Potente - Trivia

1/16th Italian by descent. Her great-great-grandfather was a Sicilian roof-tiler, who stayed in Germany.

Her father is a teacher.

Disliked the strict fitness regimen and diet that were required for Bourne Identity.

Has occasionally shaved off her hair after filming movies to get her real hair back.

Speaks fluent French, English and German.

Plays the violin and the flute.

Tom Tykwer wrote Lola Rennt specifically for Franka, with the intention of casting her as Lola.

In 2002 she broke up with longtime boyfriend Tom Tykwer.

Potente (pronounced Poe-ten-teh) means powerful in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Education: Otto Falckenberg School, Munich; Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, New York.

Knows how to fence.

Discovered as an actress in a public restroom.

Was member of jury at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2005.

Has a brother who is three years younger.

Has a daughter, named Polly, whom she gave birth in 2011.

Graduated from high-school (German Gymnasium) in 1994.